Great Beer Needs Good Donuts

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Elegant and
Unexpected Pairings

"Beer and... donuts?"  Though it may seem an unusual combination, donuts are actually the perfect vehicle to deliver unique toppings that pair with great craft beer.  Brewers work hard to create beer that is nuanced and complex, full of tasting notes that can be familiar or exotic,  You may try a porter that tastes of vanilla and coffee, or an IPA that delivers pine and passion fruit in the nose.  We formulate toppings that implement or complement these notes.



From Festival to Fine Dining

From beer fest to fine dining, our pairings can be found across the state.  At a restaurant tap takeover, we bring our most exquisite recipes - such as a scratch-made buttercream infused with bourbon, anise, and citrus - and we partner with the kitchen in bringing you a fine dining experience.  At festivals - such as the acclaimed Atlantic City Beer Fest - we bring toppings like our Candied Ginger IPA and Dark Arts - a stout-infused fudge topped with a dark chocolate-covered espresso bean.  Whatever the venue, we strive to bring Good toppings to accommodate great guests.


A Few of Our Favorite Features

We create toppings to complement your brewery's beer.  Many of these toppings are brand new and developed just for your release; others are careful reinventions or our existing tried and true recipes.  A few of our favorite pairings from 2017 include:

Six Point 3 Beans - Paired with a scratch-made buttercream featuring anise, orange, and Bulliet Bourbon; dusted with chocolate shavings.
Six Point 4 Beans - Paired with a scratch-made buttercream featuring homemade vanilla extract, cinnamon, and dusted with espresso. 
Six Point 5 Beans - Paired with a scratch-made dark chocolate buttercream infused with port wine, dusted with lime zest, and topped with a homemade sour cocktail cherry.
Weyerbacher Sexy Mother Pucker - Paired with a lemon curd infused with SMP, additional hop extract, and drizzled with raspberry sauce.
India Pale Ales - Paired with our Candied Ginger IPA: a glaze, infused with the IPA of choice, additional hop extracts, and topped with crushed candied ginger.  

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Great Pairings
Need Good Donuts

We may not be the first to pair donuts with beer - but we are the first to pair Good Donuts with beer.  We craft our toppings artfully and intentionally, with careful consideration of the beer's tasting notes, aroma, body, and our audience.  

If you are a brewer, we would love to partner with you in creating a unique and Good beer and donut pairing.  Please Contact Us for more information.



New Jersey Beer and Donut Pairings-2.jpg