Vendor Information

Hello, and welcome to the Good Donut Shop's Vendor Information page!  If you are an event coordinator, this page is intended to provide you with helpful information regarding our pop-up donut shop.

Who We Are
We are the Good Donut Shop: a mobile and pop-up vendor that makes fresh miniature donuts with made-to-order toppings that are elegant and unexpected.  Our most popular products include our brightly-colored "Rainbow Stick," and our custom-crafted toppings designed to complement craft beer.  In addition to donuts, we are able to serve a variety of beverages including bottled craft sodas, hot coffee, cold brew coffee, crushed-ice drinks, and artisanal hot and cold chocolates.

What Is A Pop-Up Shop?  
We call ourselves a pop-up shop because we do just that: we bring everything we need to run a self-contained, fully-inspected and insured vending space to your location, and we fit it under our 10'x10' tent.  Our pop-up includes:

  • an electric fryer
  • a rangehood with carbon filters to eliminate smoke and odor
  • appropriate hand and dishwashing stations
  • an ultra-quiet generator, clocking in at 58 decibels
  • the appliances and coolers required to create our product and keep ingredients properly refrigerated

Can You Vend Indoors?
Yes.  We are able to open our shop both in and out-of-doors, and to build out our pop-up to meet your space's needs.  Our rangehood's carbon filtration permits us to fry indoors while minimizing odor.  We also have the ability to set up our fryer in a commercial kitchen space.  

What Are Your Power Requirements?
For many events, we are able to use our ultra-quiet generator, which can barely be heard above the regular noise of a street fair or festival.  If you prefer, or it is necessary, we can run our pop-up off of 110V with a dedicated 20 amp breaker.  Our necessary appliances for creating donuts include: our fryer, rangehood, and mixer; our expanded and beverage menu includes: a blender and heat lamp.

Are You Insured?
We are a legal business, insured, and ServSafe certified.  

What Are Some Examples Of Your Toppings?
We are always developing new toppings, and rotating toppings on and off of the menu; and we are able to create custom toppings for special events and food and beverage pairings.  We serve our product at both family-friendly events and 21+ events.  Family-friendly toppings might include our "Rainbow Stick," with vanilla glaze and brightly-colored sanding sugars; Salted-Caramel and Toasted Coconut; and Cinnamon Sugar with Nutella.  Our grown-up audience enjoys toppings such as our Candied Ginger IPA; Dark Chocolate, Stout, and Espresso; and Blonde Ale Buttercream. 

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