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Our Story

The Good Donut Shop is the dream child of NJ native, Ryan Ozolins.  Ryan began making donuts in his home in 2015, after dreaming about starting his own business, by partnering his love of donuts with his commitment to building communities. 

The vision of the Good Donut Shop is simple:


Today, we are a pop-up donut shop, available for on-site events.  We hope to open our first food truck in 2018.  Our aspiration is to establish the brick-and-mortar Good Donut Shop in vibrant communities across NJ. We want to make our business a catalyst for positive change and economic growth in the communities we serve. We hope to accomplish this by:

  • Establishing our shops in the heart of great communities. Today we celebrate great communities by bringing our pop-up donut shop to their street fairs, craft beer festivals, and farmers markets.   Soon, we will position our donut truck in the center of gathering communities.  Our future brick-and-mortar shops will emphasize revitalizing downtown areas. 
  • Being a thermostat for the community, rather than a thermometer. We will be the change we want to see in the communities we serve: Sourcing our ingredients locally, hiring locally, and actively participating in and celebrating local cultures and revitalization.  The Good Donut team is committed to honoring and celebrating the value of every single customer.
  • Investing in our employees. We don't expect our employees to make donuts forever. We will acknowledge and develop employees' individual talents and create a positive, supportive, and enjoyable working environment that prepares employees for their futures.     

“We don’t just serve good donuts, we serve great communities”


In early 2017, Ryan won 2nd place in a local Entrepreneurial Business Venture competition, helping him kickstart the Good Donut Shop. Watch the award ceremony video here

Ryan lives in central NJ with his wife, Katie, and two children.